B2C Digital Implementation



A fortune 100 US financial services company was falling behind competition due to weak digital presence in key markets and with key audiences.

A lack of a cohesive, strategic approach left the firm’s digital activities working in silos, without true mechanisms to either understand audience needs and wants, or measure the impact of digital activation.


Building a long term strategy that was able to balance between long term vision and short term wins was key. As was the integration of best in class technology tools and systems such as a content management system, a client relationship management system and a new marketing automation scheme.

  • We built and implemented a 3 year B2C digital strategy that included the following components: website and digital portal, bespoke mobile app, content and digital tools such as content management system (CMS), a Marketing Automation System (MAS) Client relationship management (CRM).

  • We supported this digital core with promotional marketing activities across multiple channels, including: paid digital ads, paid and organic search activities, email marketing, location targeting, social media and influencer marketing, video content and webinars

  • We then enabled measurement, attribution and ongoing optimization by implementing a lead management tool into the CRM, as well as an array of analytics tools to assist in tracking the progress of marketing efforts in order to be able to analyze and adapt over time.

  • We focused our findings on the end consumer, uncovering a new segmentation scheme and revealing several unique audiences that opened new opportunities for the brand to tap into.


  • Marketing automation, content management and client relationship systems increased sales net revenue by 22% over a 6 month period, and reduced operational costs by 18%.

  • The new systems and methodologies increased internal employee satisfaction rates by over 47% within 6 months of implementation, and were adopted by 100% of the marketing and sales organizations.

  • The impact of cross channel strategies improved engagement rates by an average of 8%, and increased conversion rates by an average of 12% across all relevant channels.


increase in net revenue over 6 months


Operational cost reductions within 6 months


increase in employee satisfaction rates