Building a city Destination Marketing Organization (DMO)



A large European city wanted to increase its international profile, attractiveness and influence in order to attract more outside investment, spend and skilled workers.


A new DMO model fitting for the new modern consumer and a new era for the city.

  • We designed a public private partnership model, which was not a traditional city agency and could benefit from the expertise and resources of the private sector. We

    o   We designed the governance arrangements so that the organization would both deliver results for its funders, while remaining aligned to the mayor’s vision for the city

    o   We developed a 3-year strategy, which was based on detailed market data and audience insights, a well as predictive growth modeling, and which would help the organization to prioritize and target its activities for maximum impact

    o   We build a data and technology strategy, as well as monitoring, analysis and impact evaluation processes

    o   We designed the organizational structure and helped to build the desired corporate culture, as well as helping to identify and design strategic partnerships with private sector funders


  • The agency model was agreed by the city council and secured sufficient seed and partner funding to form a team of ~20 staff.

    o   The agency built a stack of new sophisticated digital tools, which enabled it to understand its audiences, and engage them in close to real time, with relevant information and stories which met their wants and needs

    o   The city grew its reputation as a business and employment center by 22%

  • The city grew its tourism economy grew by 11% in one year



increase in business and employment reputation


increase in the city tourism economy in 1 year