City branding and affinity



After years of investing in improved infrastructure and superb public services, a prominent European city was still stuck with its old reputation which did not reflect the innovative, dynamic place it had become.

Audiences, businesses and residents were unaware of a new reality, and the contribution of the city’s DMO to the economic development of the city.


We conducted an extensive research phase that included private and public data sets, revealing:

  • The ideal offering the city has for key audiences such as its citizens, visitors, businesses and students.

  • The competitive advantages the city holds against other locations competing for the same audiences.

  • The ideal channels, timing and messaging to change hearts and minds within defined target audiences.

We then implemented a new cross channel branding strategy in coordination with the multiple agencies the city was contracted with. This strategy included:

  • Digital marketing strategy, including paid, earned and owned media, for B2B and B2C purposes.

  • The strategy included Display, mobile, content, video, eMail, social, influencer and location targeting components that worked in sequential unison to optimize reach and impact.

  • Out of home and digital billboard presence in key locations, including pop up presence that went viral.

  • An event strategy that included both ownership, participation and sponsorship of key events.

  • Print media presence in select publications.

  • A complementary PR and communications strategy that leveraged other activities for mass exposure.


Over a two year period we were able to:

  • Increase the city’s owned digital and social media subscribers/ followers by a total of 3X

  • Increase awareness by 28% amongst relevant target audiences

  • Increase consideration by 3.7X amongst marketing message exposed audiences

  • Increase the city’s position in the Reputation Institute’s RepTrak ranking by 6 spots

  • Include brand affinity, reputation and favorability factors as a part of the KPI set for the well-being of the city.


increase of followers and subscribers


increase in awareness rates


increase in consideration rates