Creating tourism revenue



A major European capital was looking to turn around an 8-year downward trend in tourism market share loss to key competitors and increase volume and revenue from leisure tourists


A new, digitally focused, data driven strategy to attract domestic and international leisure tourists

  • We examined and realigned the goals and objectives of domestic and international marketing

  • We combined multiple data sources to model optimal target audiences, channels, timing and messaging

  • We integrated insights into a cohesive, cross functional strategy that leveraged high impact activities, focusing on fewer, more impactful, highly targeted activities that drive the optimal combination of volume and targeting

  • We identified new, previously untapped opportunities in both offers, timeframes, and target markets that generated quick, high ROI impact

  • We implemented new measurement and attribution methodologies for ongoing progress assessment

  • We monitored and optimized our activities on a regular basis and across multiple platforms to triangulate information


  • 2X increase in tourism marketing ROI

  • Increase of international leisure tourism volume by 34%

  • Increase in average tourist spend by 18%

  • Increase key competitor spend based market share from 28% to 41% annually.



ROI increase


relevant tourists



ave. tourist spend


relevant market share