Dynamic CRM technology solutions



A major US quick service restaurant chain was struggling to identify, understand, reach and engage with relevant audiences It was losing market share to competitors.

Current CRM solutions were not able to digest external data sets. Multiple departments were using various data systems without a cohesive standard or aggregating mechanism. Information was at best used in a silo, and more often not captured, used, analyzed or actioned against at all.


Over a period of 12 months we implemented a new, dynamic CRM system that served as the company’s new operative nervous system and revolutionized the approach to using data in its ability to understand, service and attract audiences and partners.

  • We worked with the world’s leading data technology firm to explore, define, test, and implement the new system.

  • The system was hosted in a 3rd party environment and was launched with an extensive in-person + online training scheme for all relevant users.

  • With access to a newfound wealth and breadth of data, we incorporated predictive modelling algorithms and AI capabilities. These allowed the company to identify statistically significant past behaviors and project future behaviors, needs and opportunities.

  • The new CRM served as a safe harbor environment and enabled the digestion and manipulation of multiple data sets from both public and private company sources without any exposure to Personally Identifiable Information (PII).

  • The company was able to identify new audiences, open 3 new country markets and communicate more effectively and impactfully with current and future customers


In addition to serving as the command center for all marketing and sales operations, the system monitored, tracked and initiated actionable recommendations for optimization in real time.

  • A year after implementation, operational margins increased by 18%.

  • Additionally, sales increased by 24% and ROI by 31%

  • The average marketing campaign went from an ROI of 2.8:1 to 4.3:1 within an 18 month period.


increase in operational margins


12 month sales increase


18 month marketing ROI


12 month ROI increase