Increasing public sector budgets



A new marketing agency for a large international capital was looking to triple its operational budgets heading into the new fiscal year.


A new approach to defining, quantifying, pitching, delivering and aligning with private and public sector budget partners.

  • We examined and reframed the value proposition, offering, target audience and narrative that was and should have been delivered to potential partners or budget sources

  • We helped structure a new private sector partnership program and attract key industry leading companies with a vested interest and economic vision aligned to the cities.

  • We created and implemented a business development training program for key internal stakeholders who were pitching for partnership and sponsorship budgets

  • We streamlined the federal/ regional grant process and advised on necessary changes to grant identification and winning


  • Increased overall operational budget by 3X

  • Won 4 new grants from the EU

  • Created and launched a private/ public sector partnership program, creating a +2M euro revenue stream for the agency



new revenue stream


increase of operational budget