Optimizing efficiencies



A European city was spending large sums on international promotion, which was being delivered by 3 agencies. One of them was controlled by the Mayor, the other was a public + private partnership and the third was operated by the third sector. The Mayor did not know what return he was getting for the public funding contribution.


We helped to combine the agencies into a single, public-private partnership that harnessed the overlaps and eliminated inefficiencies and redundancies between teams and individuals.

  • We identified overlaps and inefficiencies, and rationalized back offices and procurement

  • We introduced a new stack of technology tools and services which helped align internal organizational activities

  • We created an implementation roadmap with key stakeholders to secure the adoption of new tools and processes

  • We created an internal training program which included live workshops and online tutorials for all relevant staff

  • We introduced single, consistent measurement to evaluate the effectiveness of each promotional business line, so that the mayor could see what the return on the city’s investment was, and the board could allocate resources to the better performing activities and audiences


  • the new agency saved more than $2.2m in its first year of operations

  • Internal Net Promoter Score (NPS) for the project was 9.25

  • The consistent, transparent evaluation framework helped teams to better target activities, and the board to focus on the city’s highest priorities and to deliver more, better, with less


operational efficiency

savings in Y1


internal project NPS