Public sector digital monetization



A destination management organization was leaving money on the table by failing to monetize its data and digital channels.


We helped the organization assess and quantify the value of all digital and digitally impacted assets, and implemented a 2 year strategy for monetization.

  • We focused on easy wins first, and aligned existing channels of monetization and identified operational efficiencies that could be translated to revenue immediately

  • We identified private and public sector monetization best practices and examined them against the current activities of the organization

  • We used predictive data analysis prioritized a list of potential activities that could harness the highest economic impact and aligned them to overall organizational goals

  • We helped to develop a medium-long term strategy that balanced the agency’s mission, editorial and membership needs with ambitious commercial goals

  • We advised on structural organizational changes to optimize ownership of monetization activities in line with private sector best practices

  • We helped to recruit a commercial director with relevant experience in designing, negotiating and structuring strategic partnerships and commercial deals

  • We helped align non digital assets that are or can/ should be impacted by digital activity and inserted them into the monetization strategy for the organization

  • We helped the agency to optimize its portal, social media channels and CRM, including by introducing new digital tools which provided more valuable data collection and insights


  • Within 6 months we increased digital asset monetization by 35%

  • Within 2 years, the agency had grown its annual revenue from digital channels by over $3m per annum

  • in the process, we created 6 new revenue streams for the organization and multiple private sector partnerships


digital asset monetization in first 6 months


ORGANIZATIONAL digital asset revenue within 2 years