Purpose | Mission | Goals and Objectives



A chamber of commerce for a large US city was struggling with its identity, operation and impact. It has been over 10 years since they last examined why the chamber exists, and how they execute and measure their work.

In this time, the city has seen drastic economic growth, and two mayoral administrations. The chamber no longer represented its core purpose in either spirit or action.


  • We conducted a wide audit to understand people’s perception of the organizational purpose, both within the chamber and with outside key stakeholders.

  • We researched examples of successes and failures in multiple other markets to get a sense of both best practices and missed opportunities

  • We conducted a 2 day workshop with relevant personnel and subject matter experts that aimed to answer three questions:

    • Where are we today

    • Where do we want to be tomorrow

    • How do we get there?

  • We landed on an organizational purpose that spans beyond a certain time limit, project or initiative, and that serves as a true north for all activities moving forward.

  • We agreed on a mission statement that clearly defined our strategic path forward across all departments, and then segmented that into department specific mission declarations that ladder to a single common one.

  • We identifies precise, measurable, actionable and meaningful goals for each department, project and individual that, when brought together, created our roadmap for the year.

  • Finally, we identified specific measurement parameters and built a pulse page that was available to both the public and chamber members. In it we provided transparent reporting and measurable demonstration of our impact on both the city and the economic value created for and by our organization and its members


Within 6 months the chamber completely rebranded around the new purpose, shifting favorable affinity within the stakeholder audience by +45% in NPS surveys.

In this time period, the chamber was able to turn around a 4-year negative trend of membership and revenue loss.

Within a year, the chamber was able to double its operational budget and increase its average member economic value contribution by 16%.


in NPS scores


increase in economic value created