Social media and influencer strategy



A marketing agency was looking to drive conversions at scale for a chain of boutique hotels around the northeastern United States

They wanted to do so while also improving brand awareness and affinity, all with a media budget of around $250k.


Leveraging a combination of niche influencers along with well known celebrities complemented a new social media strategies that aligned to target audiences.

  • We created a social media strategy that aligned the brand offering to the right audience, through the right platforms, in the tight time and place.

  • We created a tiered influencer valuation to leverage both local, niche influencers, in combination with larger national celebrity engagement.

  • We created a bespoke playbook for social media activities and provided a seminar that retrained the relevant marketing staff on social media best practices and aligned them to other marketing activities to increase the impact of both.

  • We implemented new social media KPIs and integrated them into the existing CRM of the company, making social media a core component of measurement and marketing ROI attribution moving forward.


  • Over the span of the campaign we reached a 6:1 ROI for just over $1.5M in revenues.

  • Our social media strategy increased ROI by 75% over the first 3 months, and by 112% over the 6-month duration of the campaign.

  • We were able to attribute 6,979 bookings at an average cost of $215 per night to our campaign activities as a part of an omnichannel digital measurement



incremental revenues


social Marketing ROI