Using decision science to drive ROI



A major US healthcare service provider wanted to identify a location expansion strategy that will drive revenue while reaching populations in need, maximizing both economic and social value


By combining data sets from both private and public sectors and applying decision science to our audience segmentation and targeting we were able to drastically improve marketing performance

  • We helped the company clearly define the purpose of the program, landing on quantifiable goals and objectives

  • Utilizing multiple data sets and resources, we analyzed needs across populations, segmenting them by location, socio-economic and demographic parameters

  • We matched public data with the company’s own proprietary data, helping us prioritize and segment between short term wins and long term potential growth

  • We aligned audience behaviors to the current market offering available through the company and its key competitors, identifying gaps in the marketplace

  • We assessed behaviors in these populations to the propensity to need company provided medical offers in the future

  • We examined the competitive marketplace at each of the recommended geographic areas, assessing viability of market penetration, costs, and market opportunity

  • We translated our strategy to a simple, easy to implement roadmap that the company then integrated into its yearly activity.


  • Target audiences created through our methodology outperformed standard digital targeting by 3X

  • Cost per acquisition for our targeted audiences was 24% lower than standard digital targeting


increased performance of data driven targeted audiences


improvement in cost per acquisition